• Govardhan


    He is an entrepreneur and founder of V9 Consulting in 2016, V9 Immigration in 2017 and Crunchy Bites...

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  • Tej


    With over 5 Years of Experience in Management, Engineering, Petroleum, Retail trade, Business planning...

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  • Saanvi S

    Quality Analyst

    Saanvi is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Quality Analyst with many years of experience in the...

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  • Rakesh

    Automation Engineer

    He has excellent automation testing skills - be it in any programming language like JAVA, Python....

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  • Teja.B

    Technical Support Analyst

    He is an accomplished Technical Support Analyst. His skills at creating relationships with clients...

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  • Aparna S

    Quality Analyst

    She is a versatile tester who is very knowledgeable in her domain. She is good in Agile methodology...

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  • Yaswanth

    Software Consultant

    He has very strong interpersonal and communication skills to deal effectively with clients. Meticulous...

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  • Dilip


    He is one of the key member who takes the responsibility of coding, design and program the applications....

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  • Sukhwinder Mehmi

    Sr Web Developer & Designer

    A well talented person with different skills such as designing, developing creative ideas, implementation...

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