V9 Consulting Services Inc. dba V9 Consulting is looking for a Scrum master to lead one of our agile teams.

Description: The Agile framework is a way to optimize business functions that has been proven. Our company’s client currently is seeking to optimize operations in its enterprise planning team by hiring a scrum master. The successful applicant will have a passion for teamwork and collaboration in business, as well as the experience with teamwork to create an Agile workforce. You should be knowledgeable about both engaging team members and leveraging technology to further benefit business processes.

Department: Project Management
Project Location(s): Surrey, BC, CA
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Compensation: 75K-80k per annum


–       Support the product owner with effective techniques for managing the product backlog.

–       Lead our organization in its Scrum adoption, plan Scrum implementations within the organization, and help ensure employees and stakeholders understand Agile and Scrum methodology.

–       Provide guidance in all activities of Scrum.

–       Apply your working knowledge of DevOps tools, technologies, and processes to support the teams.

–       Defining technical requirements, design, and developing technical solutions and/or quality assurance.

–       Collaboration, guiding teams through the scrum process, and resolving issues that impede the team’s progress.

–       Guide teams to a culture of focus, improving the organization of their work through sprint planning and reviews throughout a project life cycle.

–       Guides departments and teams towards cross-functional orientation by serving as an Agile consultant, helping plan and coordinate new workflows and patterns and scheduling of task assignments and goals.

–       Continually monitor progress of team members across department boundaries and provide support to engage employees to achieve goals.

–       Form partnerships across departments to streamline work processes and improve the speed at which the company can respond to and capitalize on opportunities.

–       Integrate technology into employee workflows to increase the speed and accuracy of changes to improve the results of these work processes, emphasizing continuous improvement.

–       Complete monthly status reports and present to upper management.

–       Escalate issues in the implementation of Agile methodologies to expedite process correction, creating strategies that resonate with the culture of the organization.

Job Skills & Qualifications


·       At least two years of experience with exercising Agile methodology

·       Bachelor degree in Computer Science or business or (Science, technology, engineering, math) field.

·       A minimum of four years of work experience in IT which include work experience in IT demonstrating technical proficiency in continuous process improvement, project management, business requirements, and analysis

·       Strong knowledge of Scrum, Agile and Lean methodologies

·       Strong aptitude in leveraging HTML, CSS and JavaScript

·       Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or equivalent certifications such as CSPO, CSD, CSP, PMI-ACP, or CDA

·       Equivalent combinations of experience and education will be considered


·       A Master of Business Administration

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